Three Female Entrepreneurs Get the Most Out of Their Relationships

Every woman business owner wears several different hats throughout the day. From being a wife and a mother to being an employer, a business owner, and a friend, each type of female entrepreneur handles each type of relationship differently. While some women business owners undoubtedly stand out as shining examples of how to handle various types of relationships, others face challenges with communicating and prioritizing. The good news is that challenges can be beat with the right information and tools/strategies.


A recent study from Jane Out of the Box, an authority on female entrepreneurs, reveals there are five distinct types of e in business. Based on professional market research of more than 2,500 women in business, this study shows that each type of business owner has a unique approach to running a business and to handling the other details of her life – and therefore each one has a unique combination of needs. This article outlines three of the five types and provides tips for making the most of their relationships.

Jane Dough is an entrepreneur who enjoys running her business and makes good money. She is comfortable and determined in buying and selling, which may be why she’s five times more likely than the average female business owner to hit the million dollar mark. Jane Dough is clear in her priorities and may be intentionally and actively growing an asset-based or legacy business. It is estimated that 18% of women fall in the category of Jane Dough.

While Jane Dough is arguably the most “traditionally” successful type of female entrepreneur, she faces certain unique challenges when it comes to relationships.

  • In business: Jane Dough is a fast-paced entrepreneur who strives for aggressive growth. The speed with which she operates may keep her from effectively communicating her business vision to her team members – and it may make her come across as brusque and impatient. When communication fails and team members do not live up to Jane Dough’s expectations, she may react quickly by firing them. To improve her relationships with members of the team, Jane Dough can schedule regular planning retreats and performance reviews. The planning retreats will give her an opportunity to share her short- and long-term visions with her team members in a pre-planned format so everyone understands the direction she’s going with the company. The performance reviews will give team members an opportunity to hear feedback from their employer, and to share any ideas they have developed (and this fosters a feeling of ownership in the company). Jane Dough should also keep in mind that while she is adept at keeping her business separate from her personal life, others are not – so she needs to work on communicating clearly yet kindly with team members and with colleagues, vendors and clients.
  • At home: As previously mentioned, Jane Dough is skilled at keeping her business life separate from her personal life. Therefore, when she arrives home, she is fully present for her family members. While most Jane Dough business owners reported a high level of satisfaction with their work-life balance, they also reported working long hours. While this type of business owner may feel satisfied with her work-life balance, she must consider the opinions of her family members if her business demands large quantities of her time.

Accidental Jane is a successful, confident business owner who never actually set out to start a business. Instead, she may have decided to start a business due to frustration with her job or a layoff and th