Higher Vibration is not Necessarily better or more Loving !

his is a fundamental misunderstanding that has caused problems and ripple effects throughout the universe and for the manifested spirits (us).

Why has this happened? What is the original cause?
How has it manifested in Creation?
What patterns has it created on Earth?
How has it taken our Freedom away?
Who has been interested in promoting this idea?
How can we learn to intuitively feel the difference between Loving Light/Vibration and Unloving Light/Vibration?
How can we heal and set this right so as to let Love, ease, the Golden Age, Heaven, The Garden of Eden, fun, play, openness back onto Earth fully manifest (As Above, So Below)?


Alacrity, speed, sharpness, intelligence, the lightning running across the sky, the quick wit, the quickness to anger, the blinding flash of rage, the intelligence that shames others…these are all of fast or “high” vibration. But they are not all loving.
Speed of Spirit, of Mind, Intelligence are exhilirating, like a roller coaster, like driving a car really fast, a speeding motorcycle, a space ship that travels through space and time, a mystic who can travel in his conciousness instantly to all parts of the universe. This is an exciting energy and can be really fun…but it is not always healthy or loving.

When you look at the visible light spectrum from black to white, R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (Black)- Red- Orange- Yellow- Green- Blue- Indigo-Violet- (White) it goes from slower to faster vibration of electro-magnetic energy as you go up the spectrum from black to white