What is The Secret?

I was only told about The Secret 2 weeks ago. I am now blown away at how so many people are learning of it.

The Secret is really no secret. The Secret is within all of us right now. It is true we all know what The Secret is but many of us are don’t know how to use it or use it without knowing.

So is The Secret the magic cure for our lives?

Well I personally believe it has to be. Now when I talk cures I don’t mean just on a personal level but on a global level as well.

I am going to elaborate here. Firstly in the most simplest of terms The Secret is simply using the power of your mind: that is your thoughts change the way your life is. It sounds too simple doesn’t it? Well in actual fact it is simple.

Consider your own life, consider the environment you live in, consider 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 global affairs. All that is happening here and now is a direct result of thought. Yes the good, the bad and the ugly is all a direct result of thought.

What you think is what you get. Have you ever heard the saying “careful what you wish for?” Well that is exactly what you will get.

The Secret is a learning for many. Some have it already in them and what I say at this moment may make plenty of sense to you.

The Secret is not about creating one thing but a whole range of things. You can create your surroundings, your happiness, your prosperity, your love and more! What you have is total control over everything that happens in your life. This is about you not anybody else.

Globally we can use The Secret to help the environment, minimise poverty, minimise hatred, create a world of love and prosperity.

Yes on the surface the skeptics may find this totally bizarre. Yet I have known people who are die hard skeptics that have taken the lessons of The Secret and changed everything.